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Blue Agate Bracelet ( Meanings & Uses)

JL Local Blue Agate Bracelet

What is Blue Agate? 

Coming from the quartz family, Agate is known as a variation of the chalcedony gemstone. Did you know that gemstones in the Agate family are some of the most beautiful healing crystals? Agate was originally discovered sometime between 400 and 300 B.C. and it gets its name from the Achates River in present-day Sicily because of its rich colors. 

What are the healing properties of Blue Agate? 

Blue Agate is known as being a cooling and calming stone because it promotes a sense of peace and tranquility. Due to Blue Agate being connected to the throat Chakra, it can assist with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. For those who struggle with decision making or who tend to sit on the fence, Agate can also encourage you to tap into your own deep well of intuition, to connect with your sense of knowledge, and to look inwards for the answers rather than to external forces.

You can simply wear the bracelet as a fashion accessory, however, many choose to wear the bracelet because of its healing properties and the positive benefits it may provide.

P.S. We recommend taking the bracelet off if you're getting into any water just to preserve the elastic.  A little bit of exposure to water is fine but prolonged exposure to water will affect the quality over time.