Amethyst & Rose Quartz Stones
Amethyst & Rose Quartz Stones
Amethyst & Rose Quartz Stones

Amethyst & Rose Quartz Stones

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  • 1 Rose Quartz Stone
  • 1 Amethyst Stone
  • 1 Small Pouch

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🌟 Hand Crafted Powerful Rose Quartz & Amethyst! 🌟

✨ Rose Quartz (Tumbled/Smooth ~ 1.25 inch in diameter)

✨ Amethyst (Tumbled/Smooth ~ 1.25 inch in diameter)

❤️ Believed to be the gift of Love from the Gods to the humans of Earth or the result of great sacrifice for true love among the Gods - this soft pink element is the embodiment of true and unconditional love that lives and flourishes in your heart.  Rose Quartz assists with developing interpersonal bonds, connection and fulfillment which allows you to wash away toxic energy and opens to heart to a higher consciousness; restoring trust, compassion and harmony.

💜 Greek Goddess Diana had no choice but to turn Amethyst, a young worshiper, into a crystal to save her from attack by Bacchus, an angry Greek God.  Amethyst's violet hue comes from the juice of the grapes poured on to the crystal as an offering from Bacchus, now remorseful for the consequences of his actions.

Amethyst is primarily a stone of protection that provides confidence, creativity and purification to any negative energy that it is exposed to.  This allows you to remain clear minded and centered which gives way to wisdom, understanding and spiritual direction.

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