Earth & Air Sage Smudging Kit
Earth & Air Sage Smudging Kit
Earth & Air Sage Smudging Kit
Earth & Air Sage Smudging Kit
Earth & Air Sage Smudging Kit

Earth & Air Sage Smudging Kit

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🌙 The Perfect Sage Smudge Kit to Enhance Intuition and Center Your Spiritual Compass.

☯️ Find a sense of peace and clarity with fresh rosemary and palo santo wood. This potent combination works in harmony to root out negativity and encourage creative energy.

🌿 Includes two stunning white sage bundles wrapped in fiery wildflowers. Call upon these gorgeous custom wands to dispel negative energy or protect an altar or entrance-way.

💎 3 Beautiful crystal stones for balanced energy. Feel the love with rose quartz, soothe frazzled nerves with tranquil amethyst and wash away negative thoughts with clear quartz.

💙 Your one-size-fits-all turquoise bracelet accents any outfit with grace and style. These beauties are made from real turquoise and are the perfect spiritual gifts for women and men!

🌱 From fresh white sage sticks to resin-rich palo santo incense, all of our raw materials are sustainably harvested without damaging these sacred plants or their local ecosystems.

📚 Detailed instruction guide teaches you how to identify your sage incense and healing crystals, how to use them for powerful results and a bit about their mysterious origins.

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