Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit
Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit
Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit
Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit
Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit
Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit

Fire Flowers Sage Smudging Kit

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✨ 5 Sacred Smudge Sticks: Beautiful Fire Flowers - a Taste of the Most Powerful Sage Smudge Sticks for Cleansing, Spiritual Healing and Prosperity.

🏠 SMUDGE NEGATIVE ENERGY: Get rid of leftover energy in a new house, neutralize a space before a meditation or tarot session, or dispel bad vibes in your home office and usher in a golden age of productivity. Whatever your goal, this massive sage sampler set is everything you need to wipe the slate clean and start anew!

🌸 3 STUNNING FLORAL SAGES: These one-of-a-kind white sage and wildflower bundles are dripping in color from head to toe. With all the colors of the fire spectrum (red, blue, purple and yellow), “Fire Flowers” is a collection of three incredible wildflower sage sticks, plus calming rosemary and palo santo incense.

🌟 THE ULTIMATE DECORATIVE BUNDLE: Turn any room in the house into a utopian retreat of color-popping bliss. These gorgeous floral sages are hand-tied with beautiful blue cotton for that extra “wow” factor and look absolutely stunning above a doorway or accented on a table.

💎 MONGOLIAN TURQUOISE BRACELET: Could this beautiful smudging kit get any better? YES! You’ll also get our new turquoise bracelet, handcrafted in Mongolia and made with REAL turquoise stones. One size fits all (women and men), making this the perfect gift for someone special!

🌿 ALWAYS SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED: Our white sage smudge sticks and resin-rich palo santo are never wild harvested. Instead, our sage is cultivated on spacious private land by seasoned growers, while our palo santo sticks are hand gathered from forest floors after naturally falling from trees.

📚 INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR IDENTIFYING: Can’t tell which sage bundles are which? No problem! The JL Local instruction book will help you identify each bundle in your smudge kit, as well as provide detailed instructions for how to use your sage and prayers you can say before each cleansing.

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