Origins Smudging Kit
Origins Smudging Kit
Origins Smudging Kit
Origins Smudging Kit
Origins Smudging Kit
Origins Smudging Kit
Origins Smudging Kit

Origins Smudging Kit

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🌟 the Perfect Smudge Kit for Beginners: Our Origins Bundle is Perfect for Beginners and Seasoned Sage Users!

🌿 ORGANICALLY GROWN, SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED: Our organic, premium-quality white sage is sustainably grown on private land and harvested by trained professionals to best preserve the plant (unlike competitors who have no idea where their sage comes from or worse -- steal sage from the wild and damage this sacred plant). Every smudge kit is filled with hand-selected sage bundles and abalone shells, packaged with love and carefully wrapped to arrive safely at your doorstep!

🐚 AUTHENTIC ABALONE SMUDGE BOWL INCLUDED: Other sage smudging kits use tiny abalone shells, but not this one! Our gorgeous, colorful abalone bowls are always authentic, cleaned and primed, and between 5 to 6 inches long (plenty large enough to hold a single sage smudge stick). To ensure a sustainable future for years to come, we only use a species of abalone that is strictly

government regulated (not other species that are suffering from overharvesting).
📚 INCLUDES DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS + BLESSINGS: Don’t know how to use your smudging sage? No worries! In our included step-by-step instruction guide, you’ll learn the best way to purify any room in your home or office, which direction to face to achieve different results, plus powerful & inspiring blessings you can perform with your sage incense sticks for cleansing, healing and protection. Negative energy and bad juju, be gone!

💜 CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT CARES: Got a question about your sage kit or abalone shell for smudging? Flip open your JL Local instruction booklet and you’ll find our contact information, along with a caring customer service team waiting on the other end (seriously, we LOVE helping!). As a small family business, we’re honored to have your support and will always go the extra mile to ensure your last interaction with us is nothing but smiles (and we couldn’t imagine doing business any other way!)

INCLUDED: 1 White Sage Bundle, 1 Abalone Shell & Detailed Instructions & Blessings ✅ 

Your 1 Sage Smudge Kit Includes:

  • 1 Sage Bundle
  • 1 Abalone Shell 
  • Detailed Directions for Use.

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