Palo Santo (1/2 LB - 5 LB)
Palo Santo (1/2 LB - 5 LB)
Palo Santo (1/2 LB - 5 LB)

Palo Santo (1/2 LB - 5 LB)

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✨ Hand-Selected Palo Santo Sticks: Breathe in the woody, citrusy aroma of sacred palo santo incense sticks

🌎 Find out exactly where your Palo Santo comes from! (Click Here)

💜 Your Palo Santo is collected from naturally fallen tress & limbs only

🌎 Learn more about the background of your Palo Santo by clicking here.

 *Please note, the number of sticks you receive will vary based on how they are cut (cut by hand) so sometimes you may receive very thick sticks and other times you may receive slightly less thick sticks.  1 pound will be around 70-80 sticks.


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