Chakra Bracelet (Stones, Meanings & Uses)


Are they real stones? How can you tell?

You might be wondering if the stones we use with our bracelets are real.  YES! 100% natural stones dug up out of the ground and shaped, polished and hand made into bracelets. 

Feel free to cut the stones in half to see for yourself! 😂 We're only kidding!  But here are some different ways to tell if a stone is fake or not!

1. Check the color of the stretchy string of the bracelet.  Dyed material will leave color residue on the string and fake beads will be a different color inside of the hole of the bead. 

2. Check the hole that is drilled in the bead.  Glass beads will have a white powdery look on the inside or around the rim of the hole and stone beads may have some imperfections or chips around the rim of the hole.

3. You can tell the difference between glass and stone beads by checking to see if the beads are perfectly round or if they have a little character and slightly imperfect shape or maybe some dimples.  Though this isn't always a surefire test.

4. Look for perfectly uniform swirls, shapes, grains or lines.  Glass beads will be nearly perfect / identical throughout whereas stones will each have their own unique characteristics that are not symmetrical or uniform.

5. Lastly, Google search images of the natural stone you are checking.  You can find exactly what types of stones we use on our bracelets and see if the natural stone images match up with what your bead looks like.  

What are the stones on the bracelet?

Amethyst (Purple)
Sodalite (Dark Blue)
Blue Imperial Jasper (Light Blue)
Green Imperial Jasper (Green)
Tigers Eye (Brown)
Citrine (Yellow)
Red Agate (Red)

The black stones are lava rock that are made into beads 🌋. The paw charm was added because we loved the look of it and we love our animals, something told us that it was the right fit for our bracelet so we went with it 🐾.  The charm is made out of zinc 😀.


Many people wear the bracelet every day as a fashion accessory, others use essential oils on the bracelet and wear it because it actually feels good.  If you are new to using essential oils, we suggest getting a variety set by searching on Amazon and they're usually around $10 for 8-12 different bottles and a little bit can go a long way!  Lavender and tea tree are definitely two that we recommend a lot 👍

(Also, we recommend to take the bracelet off if you're getting into any water just to preserve the zinc charm and elastic.  A little bit of exposure to water is fine but prolonged exposure to water will affect the quality over time.)


Amethyst, a beautiful young woman, was traveling to worship at the shrine of the Greek Goddess Diana when she happened upon an angry Greek God Bacchus. Bacchus had vowed to unleash tigers unto the first person to cross his path in an attempt to satisfy his anger. Diana saved Amethyst by turning her into a beautiful crystal. A remorseful Bacchus poured the juice of his grapes over the crystal as an offering, which gives Amethyst a beautiful violet hue.

Amethyst is mainly a protective stone but offers many different healing properties depending on its use and placement. This element is believed to provide confidence, enhance creativity and purify any negative energy. This will allow you to remain clear minded and centered which gives way to wisdom, understanding and spiritual direction.  Ideal for Intuition, Protection, Insight, Creativity & Easing Emotions

Sodalite is a stone that will improve analysis, balance, calmness & focus. When things get rough, this stone helps to give insight & perspective for your journey in life. Sodalite will help to naturally express your thoughts, beliefs & your personal truths. 

Imperial Jasper is calming to the spirit and aid in physical recovery, likely due to its slow and consistent frequency / vibration.  Jasper was used to bring rain during periods of drought and offer protection from drowning or violent storms. Traced to all ancient people and cultures, this stone soothes, strengthens and protects your body and spirit.

Tigers Eye is one of the most ancient & powerful talisman in the world with a rich mythological history. Tiger’s Eye will give you strength, courage, clarity, determination & willpower. Excellent for bringing good luck, emotional stability & powerful insight.  Beautiful shades of brown and changes color depending on the angle of the light hitting it.

Citrine "the merchants stone" and a stone for manifestation and success!  This yellow stone carries warm energy that brings vitality, aids in financial success, creativity, imagination and genuine happiness.  True Citrine is completely natural in color and does not carry or hold on to negative energy, therefor it does not require any cleansing at all.  

Red Agate, like Jasper, has a slower and lower intensity frequency / vibration and for this reason is excellent for balancing energy.  There are tons of different types of Agates and are found all over the world, dating back to the stone age.  Agate helps you slow down and stabilize emotions or energy.