JL Local is a small, family owned business from the Midwestern US.  All of the products offered by JL Local are made with our customers in mind so you can be sure you will get the absolute best quality products and service possible.

Our products are available here on our website and on Amazon.com as well!  You will find links to our Amazon listings on every product page on our website.

If you would like to learn a little bit about any of these subjects, just click on the links below and you will be taken to a short article about each subject:

I'm having trouble burning my Sage or Palo Santo - What's the Best Way?

How do you smudge?

What is Palo Santo?

What is White Sage?

Where does our Palo Santo Come From?

Where does our White Sage Come From?

Is there more information about the Keychain?

Is there more information about the Bracelet?