Hi!  My name is Jack and I am the owner and founder of JL Local.  We are an independently owned business from central Ohio in the United States of America that offers a variety of sage / smudge products.  The company was born out of a passion for the pursuit of happiness, freedom and supporting loved ones when they need it the most.

JL Local is made up of a group of people who are kind, respectful, hard working, smart, caring and genuinely goodhearted - I cannot say enough about how great our team is!  We do our best to manifest those value and qualities in everything we do and touch.

Growing up, my family was interested in Native American culture and participated in various related events, eventually starting a small side business on eBay and vending at Pow Wows in the early 2000s.  After some time, life became busier and filled up with other things and that small side business came to an end.  Borrowing inspiration from that, JL Local was created!  Our goal is to offer unique, quality & fairly priced sage and smudge products to the world and provide the best service possible! 

I'd like to take a moment to sincerely thank all of our amazing customers for all of their loving energy, beautiful pictures, comments and generous support.  It absolutely means the world to our little business!  We will always do our absolute best to make sure everyone is taken care of, satisfied and treated with respect.

Our products are available here on our website and on Amazon.com as well.  You will find links to our Amazon listings on every product page on our website, if they are available on Amazon.

Here are some links to some common questions we get, and if there is anything else we can help with just let us know!

I'm having trouble burning my Sage or Palo Santo - What's the Best Way?

How do you smudge?

What is Palo Santo?

What is White Sage?

Where does our Palo Santo Come From?

Where does our White Sage Come From?

Is there more information about the Keychain?

Is there more information about the Chakra Bracelet?