Sustainably Grown Sages + Fair & Ethically Traded Products
Self Care, Spiritual Growth & Cleansing Energy
For People from all Walks of Life
Our Story

We offer sage products for everyone interested in alternative methods of healing, stress relief, spiritual development & connection.

We’re an independently owned small business, absolutely dedicated to quality and customer service!

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Our Mission

Growing up, my family was interested in Native American culture and participated in various related events, eventually starting a small side business on eBay and vending at Pow Wows in the early 2000s. After some time, life became busier and filled up with other things and that small side business came to an end. Borrowing inspiration from that, JL Local was created! Our goal is to offer unique, quality & fairly priced sage and smudge products to the world and provide the best service possible!

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Supporting Pure Earth

At JL Local, we are passionate about the future of our planet and people. We strive to protect a wide range of environments, while also offering support to the people who live there. One of the ways we have been able to accomplish this so far is through our partnership with Pure Earth!

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Supporting Eden Reforestation

One of our top priorities at JL Local is focusing on bettering the environment we call home. We strive to have a positive environmental impact which we accomplish in a variety of ways. JL Local has teamed up with Eden Reforestation to combat challenges that many territories and habitats face in todays world.