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The Conservation Fund

We are honored to be associated with such an amazing organization as The Conservation Fund.  Through this partnership, JL Local assists The Conservation Fund in protecting America’s legacy of land and water resources through land acquisition, sustainable community and economic development, and leadership training.

Our current project of wildfire restoration combats the devastating effects of wildfires on forests and wildlife throughout California.  Wildfires in California are a natural and necessary occurrence in order for these forests to stay healthy. Fires reduce deep layers of accumulated branches and leaves, cycling those nutrients back into the soil. They clear out the understory and open the forest floor to sunlight, resulting in emerging grasses, forbs, and brush that provide food for wildlife.

As there is more human involvement seemingly every year, many of these fires are caused unnaturally and can have catastrophic impacts on the forests and associated wildlife, as well as people's homes, possessions and lives.  The effects of climate change have caused these fires to grow exponentially.  The Conservation Fund combats these changes by utilizing community-based forest management practices. For starters, they reduce fuels in dense forests, create fuel breaks to slow fires and allow firefighter access, and maintain defensible space around homes.  The Conservation Fund also participates in prescribed burns of these forests, which recreate the ecological conditions that make these landscapes more resilient. 


We encourage all of our supporters to learn more about The Conservation Fund via the link below.  There is an immense amount of information about the work they are involved in, and ways that you can help too!  We urge you to support our cause and contribute to The Conservation Fund today!

The Conservation Fund