Pure Earth



At JL Local, we are passionate about the future of our planet and people.  We strive to protect a wide range of environments, while also offering support to the people who live there.  One of the ways we have been able to accomplish this so far is through our partnership with Pure Earth! 

Pure Earth is a leader in global toxic pollution cleanup. Since its inception in 1999, Pure Earth has completed 110 environmental remediation projects in 27 countries, improving the lives of millions of people, especially children, who are most at risk from the threat of toxic pollution.



Our main focus with Pure Earth is saving children's lives in impoverished areas by reducing disease-causing lead and mercury pollution.  Lead exposure affects nearly 1 out of 3 children, specifically in impoverished areas.  The main cause of this is the improper disposal of car batteries.  Click on the link below to watch a quick video on Pure Earth's newest initiative focused on combating lead pollution. 

PECP Introduction  

Furthermore, mercury is often used in gold mining to separate the gold from the soil and sediments.  The mercury and gold mixture is heated to vaporize the mercury, leaving only the gold remaining.  The inhalation of mercury vapor can cause major damage to the nervous, digestive and immune systems. 



Pure Earth is combating mercury pollution by training those involved in mining gold on how to use alternatives to mercury.  Additionally, gold mining is often done in heavily forested areas including different rainforest regions.  Pure Earth also works to restore these gold mines back to their natural state.  They replant trees and monitor the areas to combat any environmental damage the mines may have caused. 

We are eternally grateful for the work Pure Earth has been able to accomplish and excited about future environmental projects!  We would love for you to check out their website and projects they are working on!  Use the link below to learn more about Pure Earth and contribute to their amazing cause.