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The Different Types of Sage

Typically associated with energy and metaphysics, the practice of smudging has been around for many centuries. The variety of smudge bundles listed below all serve a unique and powerful purpose when used with intention and mindfulness. Learn more about the different properties and benefits that these various herbs and plants are said to provide.

Blue Sage
Blue Sage, also referred to as ‘Grandmother Sage,’ is a member of the mint plant family. It’s name is derived from ‘Salvia,’ meaning ‘healer,’ and ‘Azurea,’ meaning ‘sky blue.’ Blue Sage is believed to cleanse negative energy and provide spiritual strength. This type of sage is also said to be beneficial for attracting prosperity, success, and abundance. 

Considered as the medicine of protection, it’s been said that Cedar has been used spiritually for thousands of years. This type of smudge originates from the  foliage of Cedar trees, and is typically used for purification, and protecting objects and people. The smoke of burning Cedar is believed to attract good energy and dispel any lingering negativity. 

Similar to Cedar, Juniper is an ancient plant that has been around for thousands of years. Traditionally, Juniper is associated with a masculine, protective energy, and is believed to be great for creating a safe space for people who are feeling anxious. Commonly used as a way to ward off negative energy, this type of smudge may be good for blessings and inviting abundance into one’s life.

A powerful cleanser for one’s home and aura, Rosemary smudge is also said to be beneficial for one’s mind. This type of smudge bundle is believed to increase energy, bring clarity to the mind, and improve memory.  Due to its strong energy, Rosemary is associated with fire, the sun, and masculine energy.

Yerba Santa
Known as the Holy Herb, Yerba Santa was historically burned to honor ancestors of the past. This type of herb is known for bringing healing and protection, and may increase psychic powers. It is said it can also be used as a remedy against coughing and many other ailments.

White Sage
White Sage is a perineal herb that is traditionally used for smudging/smoke cleansing to remove negative energy and ward off bad luck.  Some say that burning white sage improves overall mood and cognitive function, kills some ariel bacteria and improves sleep quality. It’s certainly one of our favorites!

Palo Santo
Another one of our absolute favorites, Palo Santo is a protected Peruvian tree that produces a sweetish smelling aroma from its natural oils.  Once naturally fallen and dried, it can be cut into 1"x4" sticks and used for smudging and cleansing.  Shaman believe it opens up an entrance to the spirit realm.  Some say that this smudge increases creativity, attracts positive energy and has many similar properties that other types of Sage have as well.