What Is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) "Holy Wood" is a sacred tree native to Central American countries like Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Yucatan Peninsula and other countries in these regions.  The tree is closely related to frankincense and myrrh which have also, throughout history, been used with perfume, incense and medicine.

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Widely used in folk medicine for stomach ache, relieving symptoms of common colds, stress, headaches, anxiety and inflammation, Palo Santo is also used for smudging.  Shaman believe that burning Palo Santo allowed them entrance into a place that inspired creativity, brought protection, love and goodness.  It is used against bad energy, to fight for you and bring you good luck - true to its name.

Palo Santo is heavily regulated in South America and all of our Palo Santo is naturally harvested from a community in Northern Peru that replants thousands of saplings of Palo Santo each year.  It is also illegal to cut Palo Santo trees down so all of the trees that are collected have naturally fallen and have been laying in the sun for years.

The highest concentration of natural oils in Palo Santo is found in the darker pieces of wood with beautiful, deep earthy brown and orange grain whereas the pale "blanco" pieces have much less natural oils.  The higher the concentration of natural oils, the more beautiful and noticeable the smell will be - often described as mixture of mint, lemon and pine.