Beginners Sage Smudge Kit
Beginners Sage Smudge Kit
Beginners Sage Smudge Kit
Beginners Sage Smudge Kit

Beginners Sage Smudge Kit

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🌟 High Quality Smudging Kits Used for Healing, Protecting & Cleansing - By a Caring, Small Family Business - Jl Local.

🌎 Each Item in Your Kit is 100% Natural, Sustainably Sourced and Packaged with Love!

🐚 Your Abalone Shell is Strictly Regulated to Preserve the Species! Over Fishing and Disease is Harming Other Abalone Species, Commonly Sold by Other Retailers.

✨ Your Chakra Stone Bracelet is 1 Size Fits All and Doubles as a Natural Essential Oil Diffuser!  Use Your Favorite Scents All Day Long!

🌿 Your White Sage is Harvested & Processed Respectfully & Sustainably in the Southwestern US.

Your 1 Sage Smudge Kit Includes:

  • 1 Sage Bundle
  • 1 Chakra Stone Bracelet
  • 1 Abalone Shell with Stand
  • Traditional Smudging Turkey Feather
  • Detailed Directions for Use.

The Perfect Sage Smudge kit – Plenty of Sage to last and a Beautiful Bracelet!

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